Simple Retail POS, is designed for every business, and simplified for every user.. There is no business to small, or too large. No user to savvy or too unsavvy. Whether you are a lemonade stand on your neighborhood street, or a rocket-ship retail shop, Simple Retail POS is made for you.


Your hunt for a perfect point of sale management system ends here at Simple Retail POS! Simple POS acknowledges the fact that all kinds of businesses regardless of their size or type need a reliable POS system which is proficiently designed by taking into account all the exclusive needs of business ventures. That is the main reason we do not believe in offering mere POS systems but way more than that – we sell all-encompassing management systems which are equally effective for all kinds of retailers.

Powerful Capabilities of Simple Retail POS:

  • • Over 15 comprehensive business management reports
  • • Cloud technology and mobility
  • • Full detailed user guide with a Virtual Assistant
  • • PayPal, Stripe,, and CardPointe integration ready.
  • • Tutorial videos
  • • Precise inventory management
  • • Customer CMS with customer leads
  • • Robust integration for quick and easy setup
  • • Event Calendars
  • • Live customer chat

What Makes Simple Retail POS System Better Than Others?


In-depth Stats and Analytics

We provide a robust analytics and reporting module. The reports generated by our system can save you invaluable time. At the same time empower you with critical business insights which you can utilize to make informed business decisions that are data driven.


Streamlined Process of Sales

We have integrated all the tools which you may require to streamline the whole lifecycle of sales. Our POS Solutions include everything from order simplified inventory management to order creation to smoothly handle the process of sales and execute swift checkouts.


Live Dashboard

Our platform boasts a clean and user friendly interface. It is proficiently designed by keeping in mind the ease of users. There is no clutter at all and every single section is intuitive and easily comprehendible.


Customer CMS with Customer Leads

We allow you to store all of your customer related data in one location, get accessibility to the history of customers, import the list of customers, offer them promotional or loyalty discounts and above all follow customer leads.

Could Simple Retail POS Boost the Profitability of Your Business?

The main goal of our POS system is to integrate all the business activities which eventually decreases waste of time and resources and augments efficiency. For instance, our CRM tool lets you study the buying behavior of your customers which can be instrumental in the creation targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. Our one of a kind CRM and all other tools of Simple POS system can certainly increase the profitability of your business.


Is Simple Retail POS System Easy to Use?

Our system is absolutely effortless to use. The whole dashboard is interactive and every single option which is included in it is intuitive and self explanatory. You and your associates will get acquainted with its environment in a matter of minutes. Moreover, we have also included tutorial videos and virtual guide that can help you learn how to interact with the system and get the most out of its features.

Can Multiple Employees Use Our System Simultaneously?

Yes, Simple POS Software allows the accessibility to you and your multiple associates.

Is Simple Retail POS System Secure?

Absolutely! All accounts are password protected which means you can relax about the security of our platform.